Brooklyn COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser

Brooklyn has rapidly become one of the most intense COVID-19 hotspots in the world.  Health care facilities are already getting overrun with patients, and dangerously short on supplies.   URGENT SUPPORT IS NEEDED for those on the front lines of Brooklyn health care to help keep this health crisis from further exploding.


Brooklyn City F.C. is committed to help our Brooklyn community in any way that we can.  In this time of crisis, relief efforts have become our top priority.  As our youth players are forced to train by themselves due to social distancing, we aim to use our clubs network and reach within Brooklyn to pool funds to help those in the most vulnerable position.


How does the fundraiser work?
Due to social distancing regulations and an unofficial "shelter-in" in NYC, our youth players cannot play in groups, and are forced to train individually.   However we will turn this into a positive, and opportunity to raise money to fight this crisis.
BCFC youth players are using an individual/self training platform called Techne Futbol, which provides an app to guide players in their training, and record their actual time training.  Players will recruit sponsors to pledge a donation for every minute they train.  With over 200 youth players in our club, we hope to leverage their friends and family in, or outside, the Brooklyn community to make a financial impact.  Players (and teams) will also earn prizes based on the level of their participation, reflected either in minutes logged in Techne (which equals $$) or the number of sponsors they recruit.  We are teaming up with a few local professional clubs, Sky Blue FC and NYCFC, to donate prizes for this cause.


We also offer other methods for donors to directly contribute (see below).


How can I help?
Please consider participating with one (or more) methods below, and contribute to this urgent cause:
1) SPONSOR A PLAYER:  This is the highlight of the fundraiser.  Make a pledge to donate "dollars per minute" that your player is training, using Techne Futbol.  If you know which BCFC player you will be sponsoring, fill out this form, to get started!
2) DIRECT DONATION:  Make a one-time donation to the fundraiser, via electronic contribution to our club, mailing a check, or visit our GoFundMe page.  Contact us for more detailed payment instructions:  [email protected]
3) MATCHING GIFT:  Offer to match our fundraising dollars on a 1:1 basis (donate/match $1 for every dollar raised directly by the club).  Donation caps or other parameters are also possible as well.


Where will the money go?
Campaign funds will be allocated directly and exclusively to the front lines of health care and urgent care in Brooklyn, either for medical supplies or other forms of support for urgent care workers (meals, food, drink, etc).  We are aggressively seeking out individual facilities where we can directly provide funds to make immediate impact.   All dollars will be applied exclusively in Brooklyn.  Please check back periodically as we will update information about the specific organizations we engage with, and to whom we provide financial support.


All funds (unless other designated by donor) will be allocated with a 80/20 split, 80% towards healthcare initiatives and 20% towards Brooklyn City F.C. operations, keeping us afloat during this health & economic crisis, keep our staff employed, and continue our efforts in supporting the surrounding community.