About Us


Brooklyn City F.C.  is a locally-based soccer club serving all Brooklyn communities, families and kids, that have a passion for the game.

We offer a comprehensive club structure, a diverse group of players, and offer programs to players of all levels, including but not limited to:

Local partnerships with neighborhood-based community soccer programs, AND organically grown Brooklyn City F.C. community programs in under-served areas.

We bring creative and unique programming that ultimately brings professionally minded, first-class coaches and training to benefit players in our home borough of Brooklyn.

a comprehensive community-based youth club that offers multiple entry points, for players of all ages, levels and genders.

a player-centric youth academy geared towards developing aspiring top-class players in a professional and highly competitive environment.

Brooklyn City F.C. will compete with a pro-am team (both women's and men's) that represents the borough in the US Soccer Club pyramid, with a robust club support-system behind it.

We will be the home club for ALL of Brooklyn, so both youth players and adults can express Brooklyn pride and represent our borough every time we step foot on the pitch.