Youth Club


Brooklyn City F.C. takes an INCLUSIVE approach to youth development.  We offer youth players multiple entry points into the club, so motivated aspiring players can join the club and work their way onto more competitive teams (should they desire), or else settle in at whatever level they wish to play.

However, this means they will have the opportunity to enter our club at a level that corresponds to their current playing level, simply defined at 3 tiers:

Players will be offered enrollment into our weekly Individual Development Programs (IDPs), giving them the opportunity to build a foundation of technical skills necessary to compete on of our youth club teams.

Players are rostered onto one of our club teams (by gender and age group), and compete in youth club leagues against other clubs in similar age groups, and levels.

Competitive teams for the most motivated and talented players, aspiring to pursue the game at a "higher level", whether that be professionally, in college, or semi-pro / pro level.

Players involved with the club via our Community Programs are regularly assessed and offered opportunities to transition into our youth system, at one of the aforementioned levels.

For more info about any of our youth club programs, please contact us at [email protected]