COVID-19 FUNDRAISER - Sponsor Registration


** Please complete the below registration form, to submit your pledge **

We thank you for your generosity in contributing to our COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser to support the front lines of medical care in Brooklyn.  Our players will be doing individual soccer training using the Techne Futbol app and platform, which will clock their time spent training, with real-time reporting.  Minutes reported by the Techne app will be multiplied by your pledge amount, and used to calculate your total donation on a weekly basis.  For example if you pledge $1/minute, and your sponsored player trains for 50 minutes in that week, then your total donation will be $50.

Please note:  All funds raised will be applied with a 80/20 split.  80% to be applied to direct COVID relief, with the remaining 20% applied to Brooklyn City F.C. operations, in order to keep our non-profit club running and staff employed during this difficult environment.

  • Please enter the name of the Brooklyn City F.C. player that you are sponsoring.
  • Please select the amount of $ that you would like to pledge per minute trained by your Sponsored player. Please discuss with your player, their anticipated weekly minutes.