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The “future is bright” for Brooklyn City F.C. women’s team after debut United Women’s Soccer season

Head coach Kim Wyant says club is “committed to original values”

Brooklyn City missed play-offs by just five points yet were “a very competitive team in our first year.” 


JULY 19, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): Brooklyn City F.C.’s “future is bright” following the rollercoaster ride of its debut season in United Women’s Soccer, according to Head Coach Kim Wyant. 


The team missed out on the Eastern Conference play-offs with a 3-4-3 record that doesn’t tell the whole story of a dramatic season that saw the league newcomers battle COVID-19 restrictions at its home ground and training facilities, dramatic games often not decided until the final minutes, controversial calls from match officials, and outstanding performances by players in key moments of matches.


The UWS Eastern Conference was so competitive that the difference between the play-offs and Brooklyn City F.C.’s 10th place finish was just five points - even after an unbalanced game schedule. 


“The future is very bright when you look at what we were able to accomplish,” said head coach Kim Wyant. “We got on the field for every match and it was a competitive game. Most of those matches could have gone either way. We were competitive right off the bat.”


Wyant - highly experienced across many levels of the women’s game - said one of the success stories of the season was how the team managed to embody the values of the New York City club. 


The former USWNT goalkeeper said when she initially held discussions with club president Jesse DeLorenzo about a role with the team she was impressed by its mission and values and commitment to women’s soccer for all ages and levels. 


“I am pleasantly surprised to report that we were able to create a women’s first team that represents all that the club is striving for,” Wyant said. “We are diverse, competitive, and a melting pot with every different type of experience represented within the players.” 


“We have players who have come from different parts of the country and have different economic experiences,” Wyant added. “We have all come together in one place to create this great, very competitive, team in our first year.” 


Launching a team to play in a national competition offers many challenges in normal circumstances but 2020 and 2021 threw many wildcards into the mix. Wyant said she was impressed by the flexibility and adaptability of her players and staff. 


“At the beginning of the season we had a simple goal - to get the team together,” Wyant said. “We truly did not know what to expect when we kicked off in the first game against Long Island Rough Riders.”


“We knew that we had good players and we knew that we had experienced players but we had limited time together to go over our philosophies and what we wanted to accomplish. We surpassed our initial goals.”


“I was very impressed by the commitment of the club and the reliability of the staff,” said Wyant, who also acknowledged the role of assistant coach Amy Marron and Director of Operations Sara Rosenblum. 


“We were working closely together on a daily basis and it was clear to me that everybody embraced the challenges and difficult situations with resilience and a smile. The club was committed.”


Brooklyn City F.C. congratulates 2021 UWS East Conference Champions Connecticut Fusion and FC Buffalo for topping the Eastern Conference regular season. See you next season!




Abuse of female referee by male coach during United Women’s Soccer match highlights prevalence of misogyny and sexism in women’s soccer

Brooklyn City F.C. coach and former USWNT goalkeeper Kim Wyant says: “It bothers me that I witnessed this behavior in a female soccer game, in a female league, by a male coach that is leading a female squad”

Club President says: “We feel it's critical to bring this incident to light because - as the sad cliche goes - for every incident we are aware of, there are probably 10 more that go unreported.”


JULY 16, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): An incident during Brooklyn City F.C.'s final game of its inaugural United Women’s Soccer season has highlighted how deep-rooted sexism and gender bias is within soccer, according to the New York City club’s coaching staff and management. 


The game, hosted by Massachusetts-based Scorpions Soccer Club, was marred by the home team coach making demeaning and sexist comments to the female referee. 


The comments eventually resulted in the match official issuing a yellow card to the coach in the second half causing a delay to the game. 


“I know that coaches speak to referees during a game but what I noticed during this game was the aggressiveness and sheer inappropriateness of the statements he was making,” said Brooklyn City F.C. head coach Kim Wyant. 


“I thought the referee responded in a professional manner even though she was being directly demeaned by the coach. He was being overtly misogynistic and she handled it well as a professional referee.”


Brooklyn City F.C’s Wyant has a long track record in soccer in the United States. She is a former goalkeeper for the United States Women’s National Team and played for the team in its first-ever game in 1985. 


She served as a FIFA staff coach and received the Special Recognition Award from the National Soccer Hall of Fame for her contributions to the National Team. She played for the Long Island Lady Riders of the W-League for nine years and two W-League Championships. 


In addition to coaching the Brooklyn City F.C. women’s first team, Wyant is Head Coach for the New York University men’s team program. 


“It bothers me that I witnessed this behavior in a female soccer game, in a female league, by a male coach that is leading a female squad,” Wyant said.  


“What is sad about the situation is that he felt completely comfortable saying all that.”


Scorpions SC runs extensive soccer programs for girls and women in its region. 


The club boasts USWNT stars Sam and Kristie Mewis as alumni. 


Brooklyn City F.C. officials applauded United Women's Soccer for addressing the issue internally in a timely manner and look forward to a public statement from the league on the incident.


“We’re happy to see the league take swift action against the offending coach but we feel it's our role to use our platform and reach to shine a greater light on these issues and hopefully set a positive example within the soccer community for others to follow,” said Jesse DeLorenzo, Brooklyn City F.C. President. 


“We feel it's critical to bring this incident to light because - as the sad cliche goes - for every incident we are aware of, there are probably 10 more that go unreported. The reaction from our players to his comments during the game highlighted the seriousness of his behavior.”   


DeLorenzo added: “It’s especially important when the majority of coaching staff in our women’s leagues continue to be dominated by men. The levels of social awareness collectively need to  be much much higher.”



Brooklyn City F.C. closes out debut United Women’s Soccer season with 0-0 game coach Kim Wyant describes as like “a victory”

Wyant says: “I wanted our players to be like rabid dogs and they embraced it.” 


July 13, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY):  Brooklyn City F.C. closed out its challenging debut season in United Women’s Soccer on Sunday with a 0-0 tie that coach Kim Wyant described as a moral victory. 


Wyant spoke after Brooklyn City F.C. traveled to Boston to play Scorpions FC in a return game after last month’s 4-2 home loss and shut out the talented play-off contenders with a gutsy and gritty performance in punishing conditions. 


“The result felt like a victory,” Wyant said. “We know that Scorpions are a good team and that we would have to bend a lot but not break. In this game, as usual we had chances to win it - but we also had chances to lose it.”


“I don’t think that the score from the first time we played them really reflected how competitive we were.”


Wyant and her team delivered a tactical masterclass frustrating the Massachusetts team boosted by impressive performances from midfielders Megan Brock, Sarah DeWitt, and Rayah Seckler as well as Zanique Celestin and Keyla Jaen-Gonsalez.


“There is no shame in being strategic and being smart in trying to feel out the other team and saving some energy for the last 45 minutes. When the ball came central I wanted our players to be like rabid dogs and they embraced it.” 


“Get to that player with her head down, press her right away, and win the ball back right away.  We were also leveling some pretty hard tackles which I was very happy with.”


The four hour trip to the Boston suburbs saw the New York City team rise to the challenge of an away game in less than ideal conditions - as well as the weather. 


“When we got off the bus I was immediately hit by how humid and oppressive it was,” said Wyant. “It worked out OK though with our good fitness level and once we got through the first 45 minutes with no real threats from the other team we felt invigorated at half time. We knew we would grab some momentum from that point.” 


“We frustrated the hell out of them,” Wyant added. 




Drama in New Jersey as controversial late goal mars outstanding Brooklyn City F.C. second half performance against NJ Copa

Goals from Sarah Bayer and Rayah Seckler but coach Kim Wyant receives red card after “no call” 


July 4, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): Brooklyn City F.C.’s Independence Day weekend road trip to New Jersey ended in drama and chaos on July 3 with NJ Copa scoring a controversial late equalizing goal before grabbing a last-minute winner in added time to take this United Women’s Soccer derby 3-2. 


The end-to-end game - that may become known as the Battle of Metuchen when United Women’s Soccer writes its league history - reached boiling point at full-time when Brooklyn City F.C. coach Kim Wyant received a red card after she approached match officials to discuss New Jersey Copa’s second goal.  


“The referees are definitely going to make mistakes during games but this was a major no-call that resulted in a goal,” Wyant said after the game. “That’s hard for me to accept and it is hard for the players to accept when it is that big of a miss that it changes the game so dramatically.” 


“The players are competing and playing hard and we deserve to have competent refereeing,” Wyant said. “Referees usually never want to insert themselves into the game. You usually say, ‘Where’s the ref?’ But when you make a mistake like that you have to say the referee changed the game. Unfortunately for us, it was against us.”


Brooklyn City F.C. appeared to be on track to record a deserved win against New Jersey Copa after Rayah Seckler’s 39th minute equalizer and yet another outstanding Sarah Bayer goal in the 66th minute gave the New York City team a lead going into the final minute of regular time.  


“What I saw was a lot of chaos in the box and one of our players got caught between two of their players’ legs,” said Brooklyn City F.C. goalkeeper Carmen Proffitt of NJ Copa’s second goal. “She went down and that was when they got an opportunity to score because we were missing a defender in the box.” 


“The ref should have seen it but we can’t let the ref dictate our game,” Proffitt said. “If we know the ref isn’t calling anything then we have to play aggressive as well or understand that we have to move the ball quicker so they can’t get a body on us. We have to adapt our play to what we know is going to be the issue of the day. We’re from Brooklyn. We should be good at adapting.”


Brooklyn City’s second-half performance was its best of the season until the closing moments of the game. Sarah Bayer was consistently threatening in attack and Proffitt made several outstanding one-v-one saves. 


“After playing this team last time I knew that they were coming into their one-v-ones hard,” Proffitt said. “They are the type of team that is very aggressive and will come running at you at full speed. You have to throw yourself at the ball. It’s my ball. I am going to win it.” 


Brooklyn City F.C.plays its final home game of the season on Tuesday, July 6, at Aviator Sports Complex at 8:30pm against Long Island Rough Riders. 



Brooklyn City F.C. heads to New Jersey in tight fight for UWS Eastern Conference standings   

Coach Kim Wyant says “Every game matters.”


JULY 2, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): A highly competitive United Women’s Soccer Eastern Conference has sparked Brooklyn City F.C. first team coach Kim Wyant to tell her team: “Every game matters.”


Brooklyn City F.C. crosses the Hudson River this Saturday for a New Jersey road trip this Saturday to take on New Jersey Copa with Wyant’s team planning to reverse its 3-1 home loss when the teams last met in June.

New Jersey Copa has not won in three games but Wyant says the strong Copa line-up will be looking to get its season back on track against Brooklyn City. 


Wyant said her Brooklyn team is still the underdog for the clash - meeting NJ Copa at a dangerous time.


“They are playing at home which is always an advantage and they have had a rough spot,” Wyant said. “They will be looking to turn that around.”


Brooklyn City F.C. - playing its first season in UWS - meets NJ Copa after a strong performance against Lancaster Inferno last weekend at Aviator Sports Complex.


Brooklyn City ended its own three-game run of losses to win 2-1 against the previously unbeaten team from Pennsylvania. 


“One different result for us and we are looking at the top of the table,” Wyant said of the close-to-call league standings. 


“There are still three more games to play and we can leapfrog teams that are in front of us right now. If you look at goal difference and you take the bottom two teams out of the league, from top to bottom, it is very tight. 


“We all have meaningful games to play. Every game matters.”


Wyant said every game Brooklyn City had been involved in had been competitive and Saturday would be no different.


“Every game has been close,” Wyant said. “We have not been outclassed by any of the teams we have played.”


“We begin again and we will be positive on Saturday.”


Does Wyant predict a result?


“I don’t make predictions,” she laughed. “Except that there will be a game.”


Brooklyn City plays New Jersey Copa on Saturday, July 3, 2:00PM EDT at St Joseph High School, 145 Plainfield Ave, Metuchen, NJ 08840



Brooklyn City ends Lancaster Inferno unbeaten streak with ice cool 2-1 win over Pennsylvania team


Goals from Yamilee Eveillard and three-in-two Sarah Bayer and a world-class save from Klil Keshwar cap bounce back win.

Assistant coach Amy Marron: “You could feel the energy on the bench.”


JUNE 27, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY):  Brooklyn City F.C. fans were treated to a dramatic 2-1 win over Lancaster Inferno in Saturday’s United Women’s Soccer Eastern Conference clash at Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn. 


The game saw Brooklyn City F.C.’s women’s team rally in the second half with comeback goals from Yamilee Eveillard and Sarah Bayer and an outstanding last-minute game-winning save from goalkeeper Klil Keshwar.


The win ended Brooklyn City’s three-in-a-row run of tough losses and saw the New York City team pour cold water on a highly impressive Lancaster Inferno unbeaten record this season. 


“It’s great to see the group do well but also get the result that we know we can get,” said Brooklyn City assistant coach Amy Marron after the game. 


“It’s very exciting after a tough two weeks. The back-to-back weekend results were tough for us and that carried over into last week’s loss but we had a good week in practice and bounced back here.”


Marron praised the team for its patience in searching for an equalizing - and then game-winning - goal and said the result was reward for staying faithful to Brooklyn City’s attacking style of play.


“They were great team goals with good build up,” Marron said. “We have always known what we can do on the attacking side as a team so to put it together and have two fantastic finishes was great.”


Striker Yamilee Eveillard opened Brooklyn City’s account with an exceptional first touch and turn that left her one-on-one with the Inferno goalkeeper. An ice-cold finish from Eveillard saw her gently slide the ball into the back of the net to bring Brooklyn City back into the game. 


“I was thinking ‘I’ve done this so many times before so just place it and the rest will work out’,” Eveillard explained. 


“We definitely had momentum in the second half and I had no doubt we would get on the board, for sure. It was about whichever ball was going to find its way through and it eventually did. Then we got a second one and it all worked out.”


Sarah Bayer’s third goal in two matches continued the striker’s current confident hot streak and her own 83rd-minute one-on-one gave Brooklyn City a deserved lead.  


“We felt that we were playing well enough to win games and that was where our frustration was over the past few weeks,” said Eveillard. “It is great to finally see a result that shows that.” 


Yet while much attention is one the goalscorers, the game was won with an exceptional save from goalkeeper Klil Keshwar in the final minute of the match. In dramatic scenes at the end of an entertaining game, Lancaster Inferno were relentless in trying to find a game-saving goal. 


Drawn into a one-on-one with just seconds remaining, Keshwar bravely dived at the feet of an Inferno attacker to swat the ball off her toes and stop what seemed like a sure equalizing goal. Keshwar’s save sent the visitors back to Pennsylvania with their first loss of the season.


“Klil’s save was awesome,” said assistant coach Amy Marron. “It was great from a team standpoint and great for Klil as part of her development over the whole season. That it happened so late in the game made it resonate. You could feel the energy on the bench.” 


Brooklyn City travels to play New Jersey Copa on Saturday, July 3, 2:00pm ET, at St Joseph High School, Metuchen, NJ.



Brooklyn City F.C. looks to turn tide with returning Brooke Salmon and go for win against visiting Lancaster Inferno 

Coach Kim Wyant says “I think the leadership will stabilize us.”


JUNE 25, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): Brooklyn City F.C. looks to get its season back on track this Saturday at home against Lancaster Inferno with Head Coach Kim Wyant demanding leadership from her senior players and focus from her team during critical moments of the game. 


Wyant’s team - playing its debut season in United Women's Soccer - looks to end a three-in-a-row losing streak by beating a Lancaster Inferno team traveling from Pennsylvania to Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn. 


“The one thing I am concerned about in our recent games has been a trend where we give up goals early in matches and also late in the half,” said Wyant. “We need to maintain better focus and concentration during those periods.”


“Those can be very deflating moments but I think we can fix it,” Wyant added. “I told the team that we have been out of character in the past few games and not following our culture of competitiveness.”


Wyant said the return of several players to the starting line-up - including talented central defender Brooke Salmon - would boost the team. 


“I’m looking forward to getting back some of our older players and some of our leaders on the field returning for Saturday,” Wyant explained. “I think the leadership will stabilize us.”


Wyant is planning to build on Brooklyn City F.C.’s May road trip to Pennsylvania when the team returned to New York City with a point after a hard fought 1-1 tie with Lancaster Inferno. Wyant warned of complacency and has told her team it must overcome its inconsistency. 


“I thought we had chances to win the first game against Lancaster Inferno,” Wyant said. “It was a learning experience and we know we can compete with them. Now they have to come to us and traveling is always difficult.”


“The one word I came up with for this season, though, is inconsistency, mainly because of Covid-related issues like training venues and times,” Wyant said. “That inconsistency is starting to show up in games but our goals are always the same. We can be more competitive.”


Wyant said Salmon’s return would boost the team.


“She is a player who has enormous experience and is a great competitor,” Wyant said.  “She brings an element to the team that has been missing.”


Brooklyn City plays Lancaster Inferno on Saturday, June 26, 2:00pm EDT, at Aviator Sports Complex, Brooklyn. 




Brooklyn City F.C. Women’s First Team Applaud Pathway and Community Connection with Youth Team Players

  • Defender Kayla Mushorn says: “The community and the culture that Brooklyn City has created is amazing.”
  • Club President Jesse DeLorenzo: “We give (youth) girls’ teams the resources they deserve, which just does not happen at enough clubs.”
  • Midfielder Megan Brock: “The youth players were so excited to see the women’s players. It was surreal.”


JUNE 24, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): 

Brooklyn City F.C. women’s first team player Kayla Mushorn says the connection between her club’s youth players and the women's first team is “a humbling experience” and experiencing the club-wide culture in her debut season with the women’s team has been “amazing”.


Mushorn's comments highlight the ambitious goal set by Brooklyn City F.C. since its inception - build a club that provides a path for girls in Brooklyn and the New York City area to progress to the highest levels of women’s soccer without leaving their club.  


With the launch of Brooklyn City F.C.'s women's first team that competes in United Women's Soccer - a national Pro-Am league - this ambition is coming to fruition and is a pillar of the young club’s culture.


Brooklyn City F.C. midfielder Megan Brock backed Mushorn’s comments saying that experiencing first-hand the connection between the women’s first team and the club’s youth teams was “surreal”.


“We had a club-wide gathering recently and the youth players were so excited to see the women’s players,” said Brock. “It was surreal when the kids got so excited.”


Said Mushorn: “Having the young players at games and cheering for us is a humbling experience. I love it and I love seeing the smiles on the kids faces”


Brooklyn City F.C. is the only club in New York City with a direct pathway for girls to play from age five to adult teams in national competition. 


Mushorn and Brock were speaking on the UWS Weekly program which highlights clubs competing in the league from around the country


“We’re not a girls-only club, we’re not a female-only club, we’re a club that is inclusive of everybody and we give the (youth) girls’ teams the resources they deserve, which just does not happen at enough clubs,” said Jesse DeLorenzo, Brooklyn City F.C. founder and President, who was also interviewed on the program.


“Having a women’s team that both boys and girls in the club look up to was a unique approach for us.”


Mushorn, who has had an impressive season with Brooklyn City F.C. this summer said that the club’s youth-to-adult pathway for girls had been inspiring. 


“The community [here is strong],” Mushorn said. “I know that with Covid we have had struggles in having people at our UWS games but being able to look over at the sidelines and see Brooklyn City youth players looking up at us as role models is definitely humbling.”


“Having a platform for younger players to look at us and see opportunities for the future - whether it leads to college or playing on a Brooklyn City F.C. team - is the best opportunity for the younger players.”


“A good community is the foundation of any success. From the beginning, the community and the culture that Brooklyn City has created is amazing. Seeing the [connection between] youth players right from the top to our UWS team has been amazing.” 


Megan Brock added the club should be given credit for building a community during the challenges created by COVID-19 over the past 18 months. 


“Being part of the first team and trying to continue building that is such an exciting opportunity and such an exciting thing for the youth players,” Brock said. “It is such a privilege and the community that Jesse and the whole staff at Brooklyn City is building is special.”  


Brooklyn City plays next vs. Lancaster Inferno on Saturday, June 26, 2:00pm ET, at Aviator Sports Complex, Brooklyn. 



Even with another loss, Brooklyn City FC shows “never-say-die” attitude highlighted by Sarah Bayer double

Bayer: “We had the fight in us the whole time.”


JUNE 20, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): Brooklyn City FC crashed to it’s third-successive defeat on Saturday losing 2-4 at home to Massachusetts-based Scorpions FC. 


Yet even a disappointing result in hot conditions at Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn saw positive performances highlighted by two impressive goals from forward Sarah Bayer in addition to what is becoming a trademark late-game rally from Brooklyn City. 


“Brooklyn City has a never-say-die attitude,” said coach Kim Wyant after the game. “I am always proud of the team effort.”


After a first half when Wyant admitted her team was “shredded in midfield”, Brooklyn City scored early in the second half through Bayer. With her back to goal, the Long Island native turned her defender and unleashed a fireball shot from the edge of the penalty area. 


Still chasing the game in the 81st minute, Bayer inspired talk of a late comeback with another long-range golazo. She found herself in space on the edge of the penalty area - again - and launched a rocket into the top left corner of the Scorpions goal. 


“I like scoring goals - especially the two I got today,” said Bayer. “They were fun. I don’t get that lucky all the time so I have to be happy when they go in. I just have to get more next time.”


Coach Wyant said Bayer’s opening goal was crucial for Brooklyn City to regain momentum in the second half. 


“When you are playing in a 2-0 game, the next goal that’s scored is the most important,” Wyant said. “If it is 3-0 or 2-1, that is a big difference. What was unfortunate was that we conceded again shortly after going 2-1. We had too many moments where we were turning off and they were switched on.”


Having achieved a threepeat record that no team wants, Brooklyn City now needs to turn its hard work and positive attitude on the field into a reward on the scoreboard. 


“We had the fight in us the whole time,” said Bayer. “We had a stint where we gave up two goals pretty quickly but other than that we worked hard and got a little bit unlucky. We were definitely in it for the whole game which I think this team can be proud of. Next time we play Scorpions I think we are going to get some revenge.”


Coach Wyant now turns her focus to next Saturday’s home game against Lancaster Inferno.


“We are living, we are learning, and next week we go again,” Wyant said. 


Brooklyn City plays Lancaster Inferno on Saturday, June 26, 2:00pm ET, at Aviator Sports Complex, Brooklyn. 



Brooklyn City FC Women’s First Team Coach Kim Wyant boldly says “We step on the field to win… The opponent has to deal with us.”

Ahead of a must-win game against Massachusetts-based Scorpions SC, Wyant says her team will be “on the front foot right away.”


JUNE 18, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): Brooklyn City FC First Team Coach Kim Wyant has declared this Saturday’s home game against Scorpions FC as “a critical must win game to rebound from last weekend.”


Wyant promises Brooklyn City will attack Scorpions FC  - based south-east of Boston, MA - from the kick off and “will be on the front foot right away.”


“You can print that because I am happy for the other team to know what we are going to do,” Wyant said. “The opponent still has to deal with us.”


Brooklyn City fans can expect midfielder Sarah DeWitt and forward Yamilee Eveillard to get minutes on the field after both players missed last weekend’s heartbreaking double-header.


Brooklyn City lost 1-3 at home to New Jersey Copa in a pulsating clash at Aviator before losing 0-1 to Connecticut Rush on the road in a game the New York City team could have won.


“We play at home so we have the luxury of not having to travel,” said Wyant. “On paper that should be stacked in our favor. To travel three hours and play is hard. It’s tough at any level - even the Premier League. There’s a statistical reason that teams win at home. It’s an advantage. There’s no doubt about it.”


Wyant’s bold and positive approach against Scorpions SC will focus on keeping players in the moment and following what she calls “the process”. 


“I don’t talk about the play-offs,” Wyant said. “I try to keep the players in the moment and in the process. Even talking about winning is useless because you can’t control winning,” Wyant explains. “I want players to concentrate on the process - the second pass, the press, defending.”


“It’s a known fact you can’t control winning. Winning and losing is out of our control. You can do everything right in a game and still lose because the ball takes a funny bounce. All you can control is your performance. Winning is very elusive and very difficult. 


“We step on the field to win but we don’t overemphasize that or talk about it. We ask ‘How do we get to that result?’The answer is we go through the process.”


Brooklyn City plays Scorpions SC from Massachusetts on Saturday, June 19, 1:30pm EDT, at Aviator Sports Complex, Brooklyn. 



After tough double-header Brooklyn City F.C. coach Kim Wyant says: “We need the soccer gods on our side.”

Wyant adds: “This team does not quit.” 


JUNE 14, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): Brooklyn City F.C. women’s team experienced a tough weekend of intense United Women’s Soccer double-header action this past weekend with a 1-3 home loss to New Jersey Copa on Saturday and then on Sunday conceded in the 88th-minute to lose 0-1 on the road against Connecticut Rush.


The back-to-back weekend losses for a team hit hard by injuries inspired Head Coach Kim Wyant to send a message to the very top: “We need the soccer gods on our side!”


“It was a tough weekend,” said Wyant, speaking after the game against Connecticut Rush. 


“We were missing key players because of untimely injuries but the players who did contribute this weekend continued to demonstrate a lot of resilience and ‘bouncebackability’. They did not quit. They continued to go through the process no matter what was happening during the games.”


Saturday’s home loss to New Jersey Copa came after an inspiring second-half comeback from 2-0 down. Brooklyn City roared back into the game in the second half with a goal from Megan Brock and had several opportunities to score but couldn’t find a final touch to reflect the momentum of the game. 


On Sunday’s trip to Connecticut, Brooklyn City backed up and could have won the game - or at least gone home with a point - but instead conceded late in the game. 


“You always need a little bit of luck,” Wyant said. “You need it all to come together at the right time and the ball is just not bouncing our way at the moment. With a little bit of luck our way we could have either stolen those games or walked away with a point.” 


“Sunday’s game against Connecticut Rush was enormously frustrating. We came so close to getting out of there with a goal or getting out of there with a point but we should have finished the chances that we had and we were naive defensively at the end.”


Wyant said her team’s persistence had impressed her and she was inspired by the attitude of the players facing considerable pressure and a tough schedule.


“We’re learning a lot about each other because we came together in a short period of time but what I have seen from our very first game this season is that the desire to compete is there. That has never been missing in any game.” 


“The kids know they can hang in there and create chances. Everybody feels disappointed we didn’t get the results this weekend but nobody is discouraged. Nobody feels helpless. Everybody knows that we are competing in every single match.”


Wyant highlighted striker Isabel Stern’s performance against New Jersey Copa as a stand out and one that could have changed the game. 


“Isabel is getting back into form after not playing for 15 months because of COVID,” said Wyant. “She had a few opportunities at the back post that I’m sure she lost some sleep over but she has a great motor and was very dangerous.” 


Brooklyn City plays Scorpions SC from Massachusetts on Saturday, June 19, 1:30pm EDT, at Aviator Sports Complex, Brooklyn. 



Brooklyn City’s Kim Wyant says debut season is ‘like opening a box of chocolates’


JUNE 11, 2021 (BROOKLYN, NY): Brooklyn City heads into the weekend with a United Women’s Soccer double-header against New Jersey Copa at Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn on Saturday before crossing state lines on Sunday to meet Connecticut Rush in Guildford, CT.


There are no complaints from Kim Wyant, BCFC Women’s First Team Coach, about the busy game schedule after already having faced incredible challenges in the club’s first season in UWS.


COVID stalled Brooklyn City’s entry into UWS by 12 months but the wait has been worth it for Wyant and her players.


“Launching the team was kind of like opening a box of chocolates - we weren’t sure what we were going to get,“ says Wyant, whose storied career from USWNT goalkeeper to New York University Men’s Coach has made her a legend in American soccer circles.


“We knew the players that we had but putting them on the field and seeing how it works is another thing. It has been pleasantly surprising and the season has been incredibly thoroughly enjoyable so far.”


“I had a little bit of a head start in getting this started because of my background in women’s soccer and my network and my assistant Amy Marron is super connected. It is always difficult building something from scratch but we have been able to do it. We have been able to convince good players to come to the team and be committed to the cause.”


Three games into the season and Brooklyn City remains undefeated and the team is earning positive reviews for its entertaining style of soccer - a trademark of the club across all its many youth and adult teams.


“We play the way that we want to play and that gives us the best chance to win the game,” says Wyant.  “We have a couple of players that can cause dangerous situations.”


Brooklyn City’s attacking style may earn plaudits but the team’s defensive players have also impressed over the past few weeks - including defenders Brooke Salmon and Kayla Mushorn.


“With some of the players we have on the field it has to be scary for the other team,” says Wyant.


“We have to compete to win on Saturday against Copa - that is the highest priority - and then we will see what we have left going into Sunday.”


Saturday June 12 @6pm

Brooklyn City F.C. v New Jersey Copa

Aviator Sports Complex

3159 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234


Sunday June 13 @4pm

Connecticut Rush v Brooklyn City F.C.

Bittner Park

1390 Durham Rd Guilford, CT 06437


To keep up to date with the Brooklyn City F.C. UWS team and the club follow @brooklyncityfc on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or visit brooklyncityfc.org.

For press inquiries, please contact info@brooklyncityfc.org.



Brooklyn City F.C. signs four more to inaugural UWS squad


BROOKLYN, NY – On the heels of their first signings in club history, Brooklyn City F.C. announces four more players added to the club’s roster for the upcoming 2021 United Women’s Soccer season, including three from the New York Metro area.  Just signed are Yamilee Eveillard, Morgan Salmon, Kayla Mushorn, and Keyla Gonsález Jaen.

Eveillard, from Brooklyn by way of Valley Stream, NY, adds immediate attacking quality to the squad, having recently graduated from UConn where she earned All Big East Second Team honors in 2020. Also a member of the Haiti U-20 squad in 2018.

Eveillard said, “I am so excited to be a part of Brooklyn City F.C. and continue playing soccer at a high level post-graduation!”

From nearby West Hempstead, NY, is Morgan Salmon, joining Brooklyn City F.C. from a strong soccer family with three siblings that have played at the collegiate level. A member of the Generation Adidas team in 2018 that trained with Olympique Lyonnais, Salmon has just finished her freshman year at Adelphi University, and relishes the opportunity.

“I’m excited to play at a very competitive level, learn from a new coaching style, and challenge myself,” Salmon said.

Another Long Island native, defender Kayla Mushorn, also joins the club after completing her freshmen year at Adelphi University. Mushorn appreciates the impact the team can have on her personal development as a player.

“I am excited to grow as a player while with Brooklyn City F.C.,” Mushorn said. “I’m looking forward to competing this summer in an intense playing environment, with other experienced and committed players.”

Keyla González Jaen brings additional international flair to the squad, originally from Costa Rica and currently enrolled at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire. In Costa Rica, González Jaen won three national championships in their Women’s First division.

González said, “Becoming a part of Brooklyn City F.C. is very rewarding for me. Having the opportunity to play in the UWS is incredible, with top competition and many opportunities to prepare for a professional path.”


The Brooklyn City F.C. team kicks off their inaugural UWS season on May 22nd against the Long Island Lady Riders, a 5:30pm kickoff at Mitchell Athletic Complex in Uniondale, NY. The Brooklyn City F.C. home opener follows on May 23rd against the Worcester Smiles, 5:30pm kickoff at Aviator Sports in Brooklyn, NY.

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Brooklyn City F.C. signs first Women's Team players in club history


BROOKLYN, NY – Brooklyn City F.C. is thrilled to announce their first Women’s Team signings in club history, adding four players for the team’s upcoming 2021 United Women’s Soccer season, including two Brooklynites. Joining the squad for the club’s inaugural season are Carmen Proffitt, Megan Barwick, Megan Brock and Zanique Celestin.

Carmen Proffitt, a native of Brooklyn, NY, is Brooklyn City F.C.’s first Goalkeeper signing, as well as a youth coach within the club. Proffitt’s collegiate experience includes Franklin Pierce University and Monroe College in NY, finishing her career at Brooklyn College as a CUNYAC all-star in 2019-20.

“Being Brooklyn bred and living through its unique soccer environment, it’s great to be a part of this women’s team for our younger female generations to look towards, and further their passion for soccer in the same communities I grew up in.”


From Seattle, WA, Megan Barwick joins Brooklyn City F.C. after a stand-out career at William Smith College and prior experience in UWS with Rochester. As a collegiate midfielder, Barwick was twice a United Soccer Coaches All-American, leading her team in goals and assists in 2018, and assists in 2017.

“I’m thrilled to join Brooklyn City F.C. and take part in building a top-performing women’s program. Our team is very lucky to have such a phenomenal and experienced coaching staff with Kim [Wyant] and Amy [Marron],” said Barwick. “A huge thank you to Jesse DeLorenzo for building an excellent club and giving us the opportunity to compete at such a high level in the United Women’s Soccer league.”


Megan Brock hails from Long Beach, CA and spent her collegiate years as a 4-year starter and captain for Swarthmore College. Brock earned All-Conference and NSCAA Mid-Atlantic First Team honors in her Junior and Senior seasons, and has formerly played in UWS with the NY Magic.

“I’m tremendously excited to be joining Brooklyn City F.C. Having this team launch is a such a boost for the girls and women playing in New York and I’m looking forward to being part of its inaugural UWS season.”


Zanique “Z” Celestin rounds out the club’s initial signings, also with the club as a youth coach, and a tremendous addition on the Women’s team. A Brooklyn resident for over 8 years, born in St. Lucia, Celestin brings international experience to the squad, having played and scored with the St. Lucia National Team in Women’s World Cup Qualifying matches.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to play soccer at a high level, and I’m incredibly proud to say that I have achieved that dream by signing with Brooklyn City F.C.,” said Celestin. “I’m proud to be able to show a younger generation there are always opportunities and time to make your dreams a reality.”


The Brooklyn City F.C. team kicks off their inaugural UWS season on May 22nd against the Long Island Lady Riders, a 5:30pm kickoff at Mitchell Athletic Complex in Uniondale, NY. The Brooklyn City F.C. home opener follows on May 23rd against the Worcester Smiles, 5:30pm kickoff at Aviator Sports in Brooklyn, NY.

To keep up to date with the Brooklyn City F.C. UWS team and the club follow @brooklyncityfc on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook or visit brooklyncityfc.org.

For press inquiries, please contact info@brooklyncityfc.org.



Brooklyn City F.C. adds Amy Marron to UWS Women’s Team Coaching Staff


BROOKLYN, NY – Brooklyn City F.C. announced the hiring of Amy Marron as assistant coach of their United Women’s Soccer (UWS) team, joining the staff led by GM and Head Coach, Kim Wyant.   An assistant coach at St John’s University, Marron immediately joins Coach Wyant in developing and preparing the Brooklyn City F.C. women’s team for their inaugural UWS season this summer.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity to work alongside Kim Wyant, who has been at the forefront of women’s soccer.  I was impressed by the investment of Brooklyn City F.C. and the incredible opportunities that lie ahead for our female athletes,” said Marron, who brings first-hand knowledge of the league, having played in the UWS with NY Surf from 2017-2018.

“ I’m extremely excited to have Amy join me as we continue to build our first ever team in this inaugural season,” said Kim Wyant, Brooklyn City F.C. Women’s GM and Head Coach.  “Amy is an excellent role model for all players, with a vast and impressive playing career.  I hope to help her become one of the top female coaches in America and her assistance alongside me will be immeasurable.”

An All-BIG East player while with St John’s, Marron also played professionally in Iceland for Afturleding in the summer of 2014, before joining the St John’s coaching staff.  A native of Valhalla, N.Y., Marron’s time and experience playing and coaching in the New York City market, will bring invaluable perspective to the Brooklyn City F.C’s women’s team.

“I look forward to helping establish a winning culture with Brooklyn City F.C., and provide an opportunity for female athletes to continue to perform at a high level, while we grow the game and inspire local youth.”

The Brooklyn City F.C. women’s team will play in the East conference of United Women’s Soccer.   A rapidly growing club rooted in Brooklyn, the organization provides a full pathway in soccer for young girls and women in the area, from the grassroots level to its UWS women’s team.  With over 500 youth players, and multiple men’s and women’s teams, Brooklyn City F.C. brings a robust club community to support the club’s new UWS squad.

Brooklyn City F.C. is currently holding ID / Trial sessions at various locations in Brooklyn.   All interested players should visit brooklyncityfc.org/uws-id to pre-register, and for more details.




Official Press Release - 1/8/2020

Brooklyn City F.C. today announced that it will enter a team in United Women's Soccer (UWS), a national second tier women’s league, for the 2020 season. The club will compete in the Eastern Conference of UWS, and be led by Kim Wyant, current men’s head coach at NYU and formerly of the Long Island Lady Riders and NYAC. Wyant is also a former member of the United States women’s national team. Joining her staff will be NYU women’s head coach Michele Canning and NYU assistant coach Scott Waddell.

"From our inception, launching a women’s first team has been a top priority," said Jesse DeLorenzo, Brooklyn City F.C. president. "After evaluating available options, it was clear that UWS shares our genuine commitment to raising the standard for women’s soccer, to providing a professional environment for competitive female players, and offering a compelling match experience for our club supporters and the Brooklyn community as a whole. We could not be more eager to hit the field next summer.”

Home games will be played at Poly Prep Country Day School, on its recently renovated turf field, located in south Brooklyn.  In the past year, the facility has also been used by USL2 and D1 college programs.

“I’m incredibly thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead the new Brooklyn City F.C. women's team,” said Kim Wyant. “The organization has demonstrated a commitment to creating and maintaining an excellent soccer environment for women and girls, and Brooklyn is ready for a top-level women's team.  We'll be able to build a fantastic and dynamic squad with the commitment and resources from the Brooklyn City F.C. club leadership. The coaching staff is already in the process of recruiting and identifying players, and we look forward to the team's inaugural kickoff next May.”

"We are excited that elite women's soccer will return to the Brooklyn community this summer. Talks with Brooklyn City F.C. have been ongoing for a couple years now, which signifies a conscientious approach to operating a team at a high standard. I am familiar with several members of the staff and they have the experience of operating a high-quality women's soccer franchise," Joe Ferrara, league commissioner.

In the near future, the club will announce public tryout dates in Brooklyn.  Interested players should visit the Brooklyn City F.C. website (https://brooklyncityfc.org/firstteam) to register as a prospective player.


About United Women's Soccer

United Women’s soccer (UWS) is a national women’s soccer league sanctioned by U.S. Soccer. UWS is a professionally operated league created for teams that meet high minimum standards. The season runs from May until the end of July, culminating in a National Championship match. The UWS player pool is comprised of college players, aspiring & former professionals and international stars. You can follow UWS on social media: FacebookTwitter & Instagram.


Media can contact the UWS Communications office by e-mail at Press@UWSSoccer.com. Visit the league’s official website at UWSSoccer.com. Interested team applicants can contact League Commissioner Joe Ferrara, Jr. by e-mail at Joe@UWSSoccer.com.