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2020 BCFC "Unity" Camps

Weekly from 6/29 - 8/14

in partnership with Socceroof


Brooklyn City F.C. is proud to launch our 2020 BCFC Unity Soccer Camps in support of kids and families across Brooklyn communities.  We're thrilled to offer this opportunity for Brooklyn kids to experience a week of individual soccer skill development, fitness & conditioning, and other social activities fun for all ages.   Dedicated discussions will be held each week with campers about the importance and power of unity, as it relates to both team sports and their community.

A strong emphasis will be placed on fun and safety for all campers for the week.  Players will work directly with Brooklyn City F.C.'s professional coaching staff in a safe, socially distanced, and controlled environment at Socceroof.  All players will stay in dedicated groups of no more than 8 for the entire week.  Lunch breaks will be held on Socceroof's rooftop patio, providing the safest possible outdoor environment for eating.  Over 80 windows will be opened throughout the facility to provide maximum outdoor ventilation.

Socceroof has worked closely with the DOH to meet all current health, sanitary, and safety standards.  All staff (BCFC and Socceroof) will wear masks, as will players, except for when participating in soccer/athletic activities on the turf fields.


2020 Unity Camps DETAILS

  • LOCATION:  Socceroof (14 53rd Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY)
  • DATESEvery week from 6/29 - 8/14 (Mon-Fri)
  • TIMES:  FULL DAY -> 9am*-3pm  |  HALF DAY -> 9am*-12pm OR 12pm-3pm  | EXTENDED DAY -> 9am*-5pm
  • PRICE:  FULL DAY -> $450/week  |  HALF DAY -> $299/week  |  EXTENDED DAY -> $525/week
  • WHOBoys and Girls born 2004-2013, Open to ALL players, ALL clubs
  • Sibling Discounts:  $100 off (Full day)  or $50 off (Half Day)
  • All players to receive Special Edition 2020 BCFC Unity jersey by Hummel

Limited Scholarships available, with special thanks to Socceroof.

*Early drop-off available 8:15am

Link to Register:

BCFC Unity Camp FAQs

* Why is camp so expensive?  The fee per player is higher than we would normally charge and we completely understand the impact this expense has on families.  However, facility costs are significant, compounded by DOH regulations that limit the size of each group, and therefore the total volume of campers (ie reduces revenue). At this same time, increases the need for paid staff to closely manage the players/campers.

* Will you offer outdoor camps?  Unfortunately, all public fields are closed for permits for the summer, and therefore any organized activities.  School facilities (like Poly Prep) are closed.  We understand it may be confusing because certain fields are full of people, some of which may appear to be playing/training, but it is in contradiction to state/city protocol and runs the risk of sanctioning/fines.

* Will the players be playing soccer?  Due to strict adherence to social distancing protocol, players will not be permitted to play live soccer games (1v1, 2v2, 4v4, etc).  However we are designing a curriculum to maximize individual skill development, competition and fun, despite our restrictions.

* Where/how will campers eat?  Groups will move to the outdoor roof patio of Socceroof for lunch, providing the safest possible environment.  We are working on coordinating a delivered meal option for players to purchase.  Stay tuned!

* How will groups be formed and managed?  Camp groups will be limited to 8 players per group with 1-2 coaches per group.  Players will be grouped by age & level.  Camp groups will not change over the course of the week, minimizing the amount of contact any player has with other groups.

* What if I want to play with my teammates?  We highly recommend teammates coordinating between parents and signing up for the same week(s) of camp.  If we have a group largely consisting of players from 1-2 teams we can tailor the activities to maximize productivity.

* Can I (parents) watch the camp?  Unfortunately, NO.  Due to capacity restrictions as mandated by state/local officials and DOH, parents will not be permitted to enter the facility.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we must follow protocol.